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Established in 1918, Panasonic Corporation is a leading Japanese manufacturer of automotive and industrial electronics. With a focus on quality and innovation, Panasonic automotive systems embrace new concepts such as infotainment and e-cockpit technology for the next generation of driver-focused vehicles. Under the slogan 'Ideas for life', Panasonic produces connected in-car communications and rear seat passenger entertainment systems with attractive displays and patented ergonomic controls for easy usage. Premium audio systems and speaker solutions reproduce dynamic sound, while slim profiles occupy minimum space. In addition to efficient and environmentally friendly Ni-MH and Li-Ion Panasonic specialist batteries, the company also produces plug-in and surface mounted automotive relays for reliable power switching. Aluminium, electrolytic or foil capacitors and rectangular and radial ferrite inductors and filters are key components in audio and electronics systems. For circuit protection, axial and radial fuses and circuit breakers come in differing AC or DC limits. Industrial and vehicle varistors are used to protect circuits from damaging voltage transient spikes, while resistors come in film and SMD (surface mounted) formats and precision tolerances.


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