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A family-owned Swiss company, EAO has seven decades of experience and is a leading global supplier of the finest industrial control switches and signalling devices. This manufacturer also produces top-quality HMI (human machine interface) panel accessories; their innovative and comprehensive range of series 45 switches is easy to install and use, combining a modern appearance with real durability and rugged construction. Many products are resistant to dust or foreign particles and moisture or liquid ingress, as certified by their IP protection and safety ratings. This makes EAO switches a reliable choice in practically all industry sectors. Illuminated tactile single and double push button switches and indicators, selector switches, key locks and foolproof emergency stop switches are highly suitable for applications such as food and beverage packaging systems, textile manufacturing or CNC machinery. Electrical and electronics design engineers who require quality switch technology will find control switches, indicators and accessories ideal for their engineering project needs, up to the specified voltage and current limits. EAO's pushbutton switches also include vandal-proof assemblies, finished in strong stainless steel.


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